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In addition to groundwater resource development and mine water management, Piteau Associates offers hydrogeology expertise on a diverse range of project themes including:

• Hydrogeological characterization and design/implementation of groundwater monitoring programs for industrial and municipal infrastructure, including landfills and rapid infiltration systems;

• Hydrogeological characterization for in-ground disposal of treated and untreated sewage via large drainfields and rapid infiltration (RI) basins, and related environmental impact studies (EIS);

• Temporary and permanent dewatering for large excavations and construction sites;

 Infiltration of storm water, often in support of integrated stormwater management plans (ISMPs);

• Analysis and modelling of seepage in earth dams for dam safety assessments;

• Analysis and modelling of seepage for slope stabilization;

 Impact assessments for infrastructure projects such as run-of-the-river hydroelectric developments, pipelines, gas wells, sand and gravel extraction, and land development; and

• Assessments for open-loop ground-source heat exchange systems.


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