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Piteau Associates has also provided geotechnical engineering services to a wide range of civil, transportation, energy, municipal and industrial projects, including highways, resource roads, railways, pipelines, transmission lines, forestry, municipal and micro-hydro projects, among others.  The scope of these assignments has ranged from regional studies to detailed assessment, design and construction of remedial measures to mitigate site specific hazards.

Typical geotechnical projects completed by Piteau Associates include:

• Corridor studies and route selection

• Terrain mapping

• Geological mapping and reconnaissance

• Subsurface investigations

• Hazard assessment and mitigation

• Landslide investigations and remediation

• Forestry road design, construction and deactivation


• Cut block assessments

• Washouts, debris flows and debris torrents

• Stability analysis and design of slopes in soil and rock

• Rockfall control and remedial measures

• Rock anchoring

• Erosion control and reclamation

• Landfill design

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