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Piteau Associates’ main asset is the knowledge and experience of its engineers, scientists, and technologists. We use proven field investigation techniques; industry standard laboratory testing protocols; and advanced analysis, modelling, and design methods. Piteau maintains a comprehensive suite of modern field equipment and instrumentation, and commercial and in-house software including:

Geotechnical and Rock Mechanics applications:

• Photogrammetric equipment and software (ADAM Technology) for structural mapping and slope documentation of rock exposures

• Geotechnical and geological mapping of core and surface exposures (GVMapper)

• Geologic structural and kinematic analyses using Rocscience software (Dips, Swedge, and Unwedge) and in-house programs (Kinstabl)

• 2D and 3D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis software (Slide and CLARA-W)

• Numerical analysis of stress and deformation using software from Itasca (3DEC, UDEC, FLAC3D, and FLAC), Geo-slope (SIGMA/W) and Rocscience (RS2)

• Commercial and in-house software for deformation monitoring of inclinometers, extensometers, and prisms (IMPRISM)

• Analysis of structural orientation data obtained using borehole televiewer equipment (WellCAD)

• Rockfall and runout assessments (Rocfall, Dan-W, and CRSP)

• 3D mine modelling (Surpac, AutoCAD, and Rhinoceros + Griddle)

Water Management and Contaminated Sites Projects:

• A fleet of modern field equipment including: dataloggers, field water chemistry meters and flow-through cells, bailers, inflatable borehole packers, organic vapour analyzers, drive-point samplers, along with various control units and ancillary equipment for soil vapour monitoring

• Software for analysis and display of aquifer test results

• Software for analysis of water quality data, plotting, reporting, and geochemical modelling

• 2D and 3D finite-element and finite-difference numerical groundwater flow simulation models (Groundwater Vistas, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODFLOW-NWT, PEST, FEFLOW, and SEEP/W)

• Spatial analysis and visualization software (ArcGIS, EnviroInsite, and Leapfrog)

• Monte Carlo software for water resources, hydrological modelling, mine water balance, and water quality modelling (GoldSim)

In addition, Piteau Associates has developed long-standing relationships with a network of high-quality suppliers and service providers including:

• Specialist consultants in related engineering and scientific disciplines

• Analytical chemistry and assay laboratories

• Soil and rock testing laboratories

• Suppliers of specialized field and laboratory equipment (sales and rental)

• Geophysical investigation contractors (surface and downhole)

• Site remediation contractors

• Contractors for borehole drilling, monitoring well/piezometer installation, and aquifer flow-testing



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