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Piteau Associates provides a range of water management services to the mining industry. These services include mine hydrogeology, surface water management and geochemical assessments.

Mine Hydrogeology:

  • • Test well construction, aquifer pump testing, packer testing, and borehole geophysical surveys to characterize hydraulics properties of soil and rock surrounding a mine site
  • • Use of standpipe and vibrating wire piezometers to monitor piezometetric levels
  • • Numerical groundwater flow modelling to predict inflows to pits and underground workings, design of slope depressurization measures, and in support of environmental impact assessments
  • • Designing pit dewatering and slope depressurization systems
  • • Prediction of inflow rates to mine workings after closure, and associated time required to reach the equilibrium water level

Surface Water Management:

  • • Design, planning and execution of water resources evaluation and baseline characterization studies
  • • Site wide water balance models and water quality models (mass balances and dilution)
  • • Design of mine water management systems and associated infrastructure
  • • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies, and evaluation and development of mine closure plans

Geochemical Assessments:

  • • All aspects of acid rock drainage prediction and control including design and execution of static and kinetic testing programs, facility scale predictive geochemical modelling of open pits, underground mines, waste rock and tailings facilities
  • • Geochemical risk assessment
  • • Design and implementation of treatment systems for mine water and mine process effluents, including HDS and membrane technologies
  • • Geochemistry aspects of mine closure, including pit lakes, underground mine inundation and reclamation of waste rock and tailings storage facilities
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